My Favourite Jeans

July 28, 2017

My Favourite Jeans

What Are The Best Jeans? 

This is one of the questions we get asked a lot. We've all spent hours on the internet researching which pair of Jeans is going to save our skin and hopefully make us look like Steve McQueen whilst doing it! (The youngers can google him, but be warned, you will want to be him regardless of whether you're male or female) There appears to be a mass influx into the market of manufacturers who are prepared to drag slightly nervous looking people behind a car/motorbike/go-Kart/ horse, to get you to part with your hard earned cash, even the supermarket chain Aldi have tried to get into the action. So which are the best? Well thankfully I didn't have to spend too much of the kids inheritance before I found my best pair.

My first Jean purchase was a pair of Bull-it Covec SR6 Jeans. 

They were a decent price (although the armour was extra) but I bought into the Covec lining. It's designed to take the heat out of sliding along the road as well as keeping your beautifully moisturised skin unblemished and attached to your body. I wasn't totally enamoured by the look but dress for the slide and not the ride right? Wrong! Riding is more than just getting from A to B safely and every time I put them on I felt liked I aged about 10 years. On the bike they were extremely comfortable but that's because of the fact I had a motorbike beneath me to support some of the weight. Off the bike I found them very heavy and despite a decent belt, I was always hitching them up. The length was awkward; if I turned them up then they'd ride up too high when I was on the bike and then if I'd leave them unturned they'd be too long off the bike especially when they started dropping down. And that Covec lining may have whipped the heat from my legs on a slide (thankfully didn't get to find out) but it quite often put a load of heat into them when I was simply walking around. They were hot, sweaty, heavy and all round bulky so much so that I've considered wearing them as sallopettes when I go skiing.

So I needed something else, a pair that would protect my aforementioned hairy legs and also something that I could walk about in all day that didn't look like...well...a pair of biking Jeans. I loved the look of the Rokker Jeans and had heard great things about them including how waterproof they are but when am I going to be wearing jeans predominantly?Rokker Jeans

 The Summer. I didn't want to go back to a hot, sweaty pair and despite them being lovely looking and waterproof and coming in a lovely wooden presentation box I was hearing that they can get a little hot and I didn't want to spend the best part of £300 to find out if this was true or not. 

Then one of our members, Matt, turned up in a pair of Jeans that looked like...well...a pair of jeans! I initially thought they were the expensive Rokkers but it turned out they were a pair of Resurgence Gear Café Racer Skinny Jeans.
 Don't be fooled though, he didn't look like he was wearing a pair of hipster leggings they just looked like a nice pair of Jeans and they had armour in! And like all riders who feel they've hit the jackpot with a bit of kit, he let us know how good they were! There was me boiling my bits off and he was strutting about like he was heading out for a stag do. We've all heard of Kevlar and it's ability to stop bullets better than Batfinks wings of Steel (again, youngers look it up) and there are many jeans with Kevlar® aramid linings.

Well Resurgence Gear have made their own aramid lining called Pekev® and claim that it's one of the strongest and yet lightest linings on the market. It currently holds the world record in CE slide rating of 10.83 seconds. Now count to ten seconds. I don't know about you but I live in the UK where the roads are fairly congested and if there's a road where I'd be able to slide for 10.83 seconds without hitting something first then I'm yet to find it! (If it exists then please post pics of it in the comments section!). So I would suggest that the slide rating is more than adequate. Pekev® is more resistant from degradation from washing products and UV etc. And Matts Café Racer Jeans also came with our favourite  D3o® Armour which allowed them to look streamline whilst taking some serious whacks!

So I looked into buying some and found there were plenty of different styles to choose from. They do a super light Jean called the Warrior for £129.95 (armour extra) and they also do Chino's and the only CE level 2 rated Cargo Pant, as well as the CE level 2 Voyager Jeans, both of which come with armour. (They also do very cool riding shirts and jackets but we're talking about jeans!). Matt wasn't too hot strutting about in them although we did get rained on and they did let in a little bit of water around the crotch but as a day to day protective jean they were a mile ahead of mine!

So on his recommendation I took the plunge and I went for a black pair of the Café Racer Skinny Jeans. These are a CE Level 1 Jean.  They have the turn up basically 'built in' to the length so I'm a 32/32 and the length with the turn up are a 32, probably a 34 if i rolled them down. The Jeans don't ride up when I'm on the bike as there appears to be a bit of stretch in the Denim.  But I love the look of the turn up as it has a very cool looking seam stripe with a flash of red which apparently is a trade mark of the Selvedge denim they use.  The lining covers 75% of the jeans and goes to just above the boot. It's not sown in at the bottom either so the idea is that if you come off and the outer Denim rides up the lining stays where it should. I've had mine for months now and had them on hot days and usual, grey British days and they're incredibly comfortable on and off the bike. In my mind I'm a little step closer to looking as cool as Steve McQueen too! 


 If my recommendation isn't enough for you then you can check out what Tony From Views From the Man Cave has to say about them! (He has an older pair with Knox Armour) And you don't have to click through to his link as you can get them on the link below!

 You Can check out our range of Resurgence Gear Clothing by clicking here

Sizing Guide



Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm on any size.  
EU Size 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
Waist Circumference 30" / 76.2cm 32" / 81.3cm 34" / 86.4cm 36" / 91.4cm 38" / 96.5cm 40" / 101.6cm 42" / 106.7cm 44" / 111.8cm
Inseam 30" / 76.2cm OR 32" / 81.3cm OR 34" / 86.4cm


Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm on any size.  
UK Size 8 10 12 14 16 18
Waist Circumference 28" / 71cm 30" / 76.2cm 32" / 81.3cm 34" / 86.4cm 36" / 91.4cm 38" / 96.5cm
Inseam  Short (S) / 30" / 76.2cm OR Regular (R) / 32" / 81.3cm OR Long (L) / 34" / 86.4cm


Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm on any size.
Chest Circumference 38" / 96.5cm 40" / 101.6cm 42" / 106.7cm 44" / 111.8cm 46" / 116.8cm 48" / 121.9cm
Sleeve Length 26.5" / 67.3cm 27" / 68.6cm 27.5" / 69.9cm 28" / 71.2cm 28.5" / 72.5cm 29" / 73.8cm



Hockliffe Overshirt


Chest : 54cm            Body Length: 76cm        Sleeve : 73cm


Chest : 56cm           Body Length: 77cm         Sleeve : 74cm


Chest : 58cm          Body Length: 78cm         Sleeve : 75cm


Chest : 60cm         Body Length: 79cm          Sleeve : 76cm





Chest Size 34"-36" / 86.4cm-91.4cm 38"-40" / 96.5cm-101.6cm 42"-44" / 106.7cm-111.8cm 46"-48" / 116.8cm-121.9cm 50"-52" / 127cm-132.1cm



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Dress Size 10 12 14 16

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